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to explore a journey of personal and professional growth with your heart.
You know the heart as an important organ of life but are you curious to discover its spiritual meaning?
This adventure in consciousness we call


... is Heartfulness?

Heartfulness is the profound feeling of an open heart and following its path to our spiritual nature through simplicity and kindness.


Many of us have been cut off from our hearts by existing in a world that emphasizes the mind, the rational and survival mode. We need a training to help us reconnect with the basic feeling of being humane and helping each other in the best ways we can.

Anyone who wants to become more caring, empathic and more helpful in the world can benefit from a better understanding and practical knowledge of heartfulness.

... Heartfulness Training?

... can benefit?

"Heartfulness is our nature. When we accept its mandate, we are naturally kind and gentle, yet powerful and constant.

In this state, we no longer blame or expect, wish or deny. We live in the precious moment and take responsibility for ourselves."

At the beginning of 2019, Stèphano died and went on a journey into eternity.

In deep connectedness and gratitude we continue on the "Path of No Way".


• Spiritual teacher, dedicated to spiritual issues for over 40 years.

• Founder of Path of No Way (see below) and of the Heartfulness Training®


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This original Heartfulness Training® Progam will be a synthesis of 5 central processes,
specially designed heart techniques, life changing skills and meditative inquiry.


Transform pain, anger, grief, greed and fear


Speak from the heart, do things wholeheartedly and remain loving


Find a balance between support and challenges
with friends and clients


Discover how to deal with greed, doubt, fear, sadness
and anger while focusing on emerging possibilities


How to use empathy to support growth and minimize resistance to becoming whole


Get the hands-on experience of helping others with the theory and practice of   heartfulness


Crystallize your unique style to present heartfulness


Create an in-depth familiarity and set of skills to inspire others to live heartfully


Improve presentation competencies through energy pedagogy that tunes into the unique learning challenges of each student



Path Of No Way

the spiritual basis of heartfulness

The Path of No Way® is a non-denominational journey of spiritual development in which each person finds their own unique way of being free and meaningful through the study and practice of resonances, life messages and deep inquiry. The Path of No Way is an essential spirituality free from rituals, fixed practices and rules in the exploration of freedom. One of its foci is to translate psychological themes into spiritual processes. In these difficult times Heartfulness Training® is especially important to transform isolation, division and hopelessness.




For more information see: www.stephano.us



Center for Heartfulness

Center for Heartfulness


Dedicated to the support and furtherance of Heartfulness Training® which is a body centered approach to embrace a deep feeling of an open heart.

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