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"When heartfulness is expressed to the outside, there is a lightness and joy that pervades us. We’re more able to communicate with facility, and we understand the concerns of others more easily. Heartfulness creates a vastness of possibilities yet leaves the mind devoid of content:


When the mind talks, the heart is deafened. But when the heart speaks, the mind is silent."


Heart of Freedom, page 206


  • Spiritual teacher, dedicated to spiritual issues for over 40 years.
  • Founder of the Path of No Way® (PONW)
  • Founder of PONW Heartfulness Training® Program
  • Inspired from the teachings of Ramana Maharshi,
    J. Krishnamurti and the 16th Buddhist Karmapa
    (Rigpe Dorje)
  • Founder of Life Energy Process®: 12 forms of spiritually  oriented body psychotherapy, expressive arts, massage,  consulting and energy pedagogy
  • Doctorate in Counseling Psychology (Boston Univ., U.S.A)
  • Extensive training in movement, e.g. martial arts, dance and various yogas.
  • Presenter at numerous conferences (e.g., Heiligenfeld (D)  and Science and Non-Duality (U.S.A)
  • Currently supporting a spiritual community of WE  consciousness (

    At the beginning of 2019, Stèphano died and went on a journey into eternity. In deep connectedness and gratitude we continue on the "Path of No Way".
Stèphano Sabetti

Founding Teacher Stèphano Sabetti

Vivian Persson
  • Teacher of Life Energy Process (Expressive Energy)
  • Expressive Psychotherapist and dancer
  • Private practice in expressive arts including supervision and therapy
  • Director of Paul Petersens Institute, education of sport teachers
  • Professional dancer of Eske Holm Dance Company
  • Spiritual development for many years with Stèphan

    In deep connectedness and gratitude to Vivian, who passed away in late summer 2016. She will always be in our hearts.

Teacher Vivian Persson

Joachim Armbruster
Karin Schmutzler


        Joachim Armbruster



• Master of business administration

• Advertising manager, media designer

• Accredited psychotherapist (HP-Psych.)

• International trainer, coach and consultant

• Instructor Process Inquiry

• Board of the association Spirit of WE e.V.

• Spiritual development with Stèphano
  for many years

             Sabine Klektau



  • State-certified movement pedagogist
  • Body and psychomotolity therapist,
  • Educated in Dance Therapy, Dansergia®, Water Therapy, Acquasus Poolwork® (Life Energy Process)
  • Worked at a clinic for Psychatry and Psychosomatic


Participants who completed the practitioner level.


Joachim Armbruster (D), Ulrika Didriksdotter Bergström (S), Ime Essien-Hassel (D), Mariola Gummesson (S), Bärbel Joppien (D), Jan Kautz (DK), Lenita Kärker (S),
Sabine Klektau (D), Christiane Kneer (D), Renate Köckeis (D), Maren Krause (D),
Janne Weidinger Kristensen (DK), Matilde Mørk (DK),
Karin Schmutzler (D), Brigitte Schuler  (CH)

Meet The Team


Joachim Armbruster


Gabriela Husmann



  • Doctorate in Social Sciences
  • Coordinator for European funding affairs (public sector)
  • Trained in Organetics and Process Inquiry
  • Trained in NLP, conflict moderation, improvisation theatre, expressive painting
  • Spiritual development for many years with Stèphano


Janne Weidinger Kristensen



  • Artistic Director of Integrated Dance Explorations
  • Private Practice with the Bowen Technique, massage- and movement therapy
  • Spiritual development for many
    years with Stèphano and Vivian
Janne Weidinger Kristensen
Gabriela Husmann


Joachim Armbruster

Sabine Klektau


Karin Schmutzler

Katarina Weiher



    • Master of science of education

    • University teacher in counseling

    • Teacher of Life Energy Process
      (Energy Pedagogy, Organetics)

    • Instructor Process Inquiry

    • Supervision, coaching, counseling, music
      and art therapy in private practice

    • Spiritual development with Stèphano for   
      many years


In deep connectedness and gratitude to Katarina, who passed away in summer 2018. She will be always in our hearts.

Katarina Weiher

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