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"When heartfulness is expressed to the outside, there is a lightness and joy that pervades us. We’re more able to communicate with facility, and we understand the concerns of others more easily. Heartfulness creates a vastness of possibilities yet leaves the mind devoid of content:


When the mind talks, the heart is deafened. But when the heart speaks, the mind is silent."


Heart of Freedom, page 206


  • Spiritual teacher, dedicated to spiritual issues for over 40 years.
  • Founder of the Path of No Way® (PONW)
  • Founder of PONW Heartfulness Training® Program
  • Inspired from the teachings of Ramana Maharshi,
    J. Krishnamurti and the 16th Buddhist Karmapa
    (Rigpe Dorje)
  • Founder of Life Energy Process®: 12 forms of spiritually  oriented body psychotherapy, expressive arts, massage,  consulting and energy pedagogy
  • Doctorate in Counseling Psychology (Boston Univ., U.S.A)
  • Extensive training in movement, e.g. martial arts, dance and various yogas.
  • Presenter at numerous conferences (e.g., Heiligenfeld (D)  and Science and Non-Duality (U.S.A)
  • Currently supporting a spiritual community of WE  consciousness (

Founding Teacher Stèphano Sabetti

  • Teacher of Life Energy Process (Expressive Energy)
  • Expressive Psychotherapist and dancer
  • Private practice in expressive arts including supervision and therapy
  • Director of Paul Petersens Institute, education of sport teachers
  • Professional dancer of Eske Holm Dance Company
  • Spiritual development for many years with Stèphano

Teacher Vivian Persson †


Coming when the first participants have completed the instructor level.




Coming when the first participants have completed the practitioner level.



Meet The Team

Katarina Weiher



    • Master of science of education

    • University teacher in counseling

    • Teacher of Life Energy Process
      (Energy Pedagogy, Organetics)

    • Instructor Process Inquiry

    • Supervision, coaching, counseling, music
      and art therapy in private practice

    • Spiritual development with Stèphano for   
      many years

Joachim Armbruster



• Master of business administration

• Advertising manager, media designer

• Accredited psychotherapist (HP-Psych.)

• International trainer, coach and consultant

• Instructor Process Inquiry

• Board of the association Spirit of WE e.V.

• Spiritual development for many years with

Gabriela Husmann



  • Doctorate in Social Sciences
  • Coordinator for European funding affairs (public sector)
  • Trained in Organetics and Process Inquiry
  • Trained in NLP, conflict moderation, improvisation theatre, expressive painting
  • Spiritual development for many years with Stèphano


Mariola Gummesson



  • Bachleor in Social Science
  • Organisational psychology from Stockholm University
  • Group relation work for many years, as staff and in the Swedish board
  • Crisis Management for groups and individuals
  • Spiritual counselor training




Karin Schmutzler



  • Accredited in psychotherapy
  • Private praxis for psychotherapy
  • Educated in dance therapy, psychological homeopathy, relaxation and stress management
  • Trained in Life Energy Therapy and Process Inquiry
  • Skilled in Philippine martial arts
  • Spiritual development for many years with Stèphano

Janne Weidinger Kristensen



  • Artistic Director of Integrated Dance Explorations
  • Private Practice with the Bowen Technique, massage- and movement therapy
  • Spiritual development for many
    years with Stèphano and Vivian



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