What is Heartfulness?

Why Heartfulness Training?

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What is Heartfulness?

Heartfulness is the profound feeling of an open heart and following its path to our spiritual nature through simplicity and kindness.


Heartfulness is also the fundamental quality that expresses our humaneness in the way we show loving concern for all living beings and the environment as an integrated experience.


Heartfulness is the feeling of wholeheartedness, of giving ourselves completely without separation or conflict. It‘s the open-hearted feeling of joy when we follow our spiritual paths, and love when we care about others.

Many of us have been cut off from our hearts by existing in a world that emphasizes the mind and the rational, pragmatic environment that is stuck in survival mode. While analyzing anything can be useful in a small context, analysis requires we break down the whole to examine it.


Heartfulness suggests we have to see things and processes as part of a living dynamic. We call this perspective "holysis" and describe it as seeing everything from its wholeness where all things are connected and interactive.


We also need a training to help us reconnect with the basic feeling of being humane and helping each other in the best ways we can. Heartfulness is an antidote to the isolated, selfish and greedy tendencies we see throughout the world and concentrated in a small group of power-hungry individuals and organizations but also as a predisposition in many of us as well.


Furthermore, we need practical ways of enhancing heartfulness in daily life especially when difficulties arise or when we become defensive to overcome hurt, or deal with sudden expressions of anger and fear — to find new forms that fit our present day situation.

Why Heartfulness Training®?

Anyone who wants to become more caring, empathic and more helpful in the world can benefit from a better understanding and practical knowledge of heartfulness. Those familiar with the Path of No Way discover a new depth and an intense synthesis of what they have learned in other programs. Those new to the Path of No Way learn a complete and practical way of being spiritual in daily life without rituals, traditions or rules of conduct.



Mindful people generally enjoy the deeper body experience, the training in protection and the generosity that evolves from the training.


Spiritual practitioners are surprised to find a way of following their inner path while learning to practice “tough love” when necessary.


Body trained professionals learn to extend their physical experience into feelings and a state of spiritual presence.


Medical and psychological professionals learn to be more empathic while helping their patients and clients take responsibility for their lives and especially their health.


Those who meditate appreciate the chance to be part of the solution in the world by becoming actively connected to others.


Coaches and Consultants learn effective techniques to deal with conflicts from the heart and to practice resolution (solving), dissolution (loosen) and devolution (return to a no-conflict position) of problems.


Activists on all levels are happy to find a practical way of encouraging others to get involved.


Many others are simply ready to become an engaged and caring part of their environment, and to make a difference in the world by their commitment to change, and by sharing their peace with others.

Who can benefit?

Our Heartfulness Training®

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