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Title: Heart of Freedom

Subtitle: Skills-States of Spiritual Liberation


The goal of most Eastern religions is to help seekers achieve some degree of spiritual liberation known as nirvana, satori or moksha. Despite this laudable aspiration, many of these paths provide a program – replete with rules, rituals and practices – all designed to achieve a predictable end. Given the nature of followership, Stèphano poses a fundamental query:
is there freedom in conformity?


According to him, true freedom is a unique experience to each of us. It isn‘t a goal to achieve, but a state of innate consciousness already present in us. Yet, very few of us are willing to accept its lucid, if stark reality as a gift.


In simple terms, Heart of Freedom explains what spiritual liberation truly is and describes what Stèphano says are skill-states necessary to experience and maintain what he calls emanant freedom.


Stèphano suggests that all-encompassing love is the foundation of transpersonal emancipation that frees us from the shackles of ego limits and constraints. In this field of openness and generosity, our spirit soars as an expression of unlimited potential and deeply felt heartfulness.


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Title: The Freedom You Are

Subtitle: Spiritual End to psychological Suffering


Despite increases in worldwide standards of living, suffering remains one of the most widespread afflictions of humankind. In his pioneering work, The Freedom You Are, Stèphano Sabetti suggests that although pain and loss are inevitable, psychological suffering is a choice.


He feels that most of our misery is self-created by a selfish attitude and a fixed idea of who we think we are. In a candid question and format, Sabetti explores some of the foundations of spirituality while giving practical advice for daily living.


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Title: WE – Towards a Conscious Global Community

Subtitle: World Problems, Spiritual Solutions


For conscious people around the world, the time has come for a radical shift in the way we live and the levels upon which we deal with our daily concerns. What we need now are deep solutions – spiritual answers to world problems.


We know it’s late; we hope it’s not too late.


Yet the problems we see in the world are not outside us. We are both the difficulties and the solutions.


WE is an invitation to explore these solutions to today’s issues – to seek harmony where there is strife, tolerance where there is narrow-mindedness and generosity where there is selfishness.


WE is a blueprint for how to step onto that new path, starting now.


When we cast off the illusions of the ego and our attachment to its expressions, the beginnings of what we call the global community of the conscious WE emerges.


In other words, there is great cause for hope if we live the motto: “Where there’s a heart, there’s a way”


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Title: The ONE

Subtitle: Reflections on Essential Spirituality


In the One, Stephano Sabetti examines this fundamental nature of spirituality. He believes
that spirituality is at the core of each one of us, expressed in the essential experiences of living
and being in harmony with all that gives our
lives meaning and a sense of aliveness.


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Title: Path of No Way

Subtitle: Nature and Dynamics of Essential Spirituality


In our turbulent times, questions about the nature of spirituality are more relevant than ever. In the Path of No Way, Dr. Sabetti challenges us to examine our traditional views of religion against the backdrop of increasing terrorism and discord among peoples in its name. He suggests that essential spirituality has no forms, rituals, or beliefs, proposing instead that the key to transcenden-tal experience lies in evolutionary resonances that may be felt in the body and seen in life's daily messages.


The way toward peace, he suggests, lies not in the adversarial defense of religious differences but in the support of spiritual commonality and a universal message. Uniting diverse areas such as psychology, physics, and spirituality, Dr. Sabetti argues a compelling case that life is governed by laws of wholeness and influenced by fields of energy.


Beneath the surface of religious differences, then there is a singular reality in which all people share a fundamental nature. Most importantly, the Path of No Way asserts that happiness is our inherent fit. To fully embrace it, however, we need new spiritual methods to end suffering, live spontaneously, and enjoy what Dr.Sabetti calls choiceless freedom. Toward this end, he demonstrates practical methods to cut through forms, patterns, and systems that dull creativity and limit freedom in favor of a fundamental truth and direct experience.


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Title: Path of No Way – A Spiritual Primer

Subtitle: Introduction to Essential Inquiry and

             Process Meditation


The Path of No Way: a spiritual primer introduces you to the fundamental concepts of this conscious lifestyle and to two main methods of uncovering the elemental “you”: essential inquiry and process meditation.


Essential inquiry provides a systematic approach to
find out what makes you feel joy and experience love
by eliminating what prevents you from their direct experience. It also invites you to experience the inner peace of simplicity, and rediscover the choiceless and emanant freedom of your essential nature.


Process meditation complements this inquiry by helping you see how everything in your life is a function of spiritual flow or process. By following the fundamental movement of spirit within you and by surrendering to
its messages, you are led in ever increasing depths to spiritual Truth and Self-knowledge.


The Path of No Way suggests that collectively, inquiry and surrender lead you to your spiritual home, namely a state of profound Oneness in all you are and do.


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Titel: Heartfulness

Untertitel: The Art of the Heart

                The first Heartfulness Training Program


As we look around our world we become painfully aware that there is an urgent need for more care and warmth in our relationships with each other. Many people in difficult times protect themselves by becoming isolated and withdrawn. They shut off their tender feelings and demonstrate a cool exterior even though they may hunger for contact and love on many levels.


Collectively we are having a crisis of the heart. We have a decision to make. Do we continue as usual to exist through our minds, or move into truly living by shifting to our hearts as the focus of our lives?


Many people are beginning to understand that even mindfulness, with all its possibilities, is not sufficient to fulfill our lives. We need something else to complete our experience as humans and potentially change the world in the process.


In this book we’ll explore why heartfulness is important as an antidote to the isolated world we often live in and experience in our relationships. We’ll examine how you can transform this alienating world by finding your own internal warmth and connectedness, and how you can share what you’re learning with others. You become the bridge that can help many other

people to find their happiness as well.



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Titel: Spirit of WE

Untertitel: World Problems, Spiritual Solutions

Spiritual possibilism lies in our connectedness


Consider a world in which everyone is secure, has their needs met, and pursues a meaningful life. Imagine a healthy environment. What’s the feeling that moves through you? Do you sense how everything in you relaxes?

The Spirit of WE offers an achievable means of moving humanity onto a sustainable path by calling those who think of themselves as spiritual to discover how they can make a difference.

There has been a tendency to associate spirituality with a kind of passive navel gazing, so that although millions engage in spiritual practices, little has been achieved when it comes to tackling the huge problems we face as a planet.

To be spiritual is to embrace the realities of the world, not dismiss them as either illusion or “that person’s chosen path,” as I hear so many do. These are just mental gymnastics that allow us to avoid having to concern ourselves with issues we have no ready answer for.

It’s no longer good enough to mark time doing things that hold no real interest for us. We must each tap into our individual spiritual mandate, which will show us in specifics how to be a person who makes a difference through discerning the often subtle signals in ourselves that hint at unexpressed ability.

The Spirit of WE is a blueprint for how, through a collective effort, we can bring about the kind of world we all desire.



Life Energy Media (EU)


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