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Path of No Way


The Path of No Way® (PONW) is a non-denominational journey of spiritual development in which each person finds their own unique way of being free and meaningful through the study and practice of resonances, life messages and deep inquiry.


The PONW is individual, spontaneous and continuous. It invites us to open up to deep experiences through an intensive learning process. In so doing we become conscious of attachments, dependencies, false identities or suffering — and become free of them.


The PONW is an essential spirituality free from rituals, fixed practices and rules in the exploration of freedom. One of its foci is to translate psychological themes into spiritual processes.


A Path of No Way Retreat is a 5 day intense exploration of your spiritual path using specially designed body movements, silence, inquiry and dialog.


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Marga Society


"Marga" is a Sanskrit word meaning the path of liberation.


The Marga Society founded in 2001 and based in Switzerland, is non-denominational and politically neutral.


 Marga is an international association and not-for profit organization that supports and helps coordinate the activities of the Path of No Way (PONW).


The PONW shows us a way towards Oneness that might be termed "transpersonal" or "absolute." In this unity, peace and freedom are always present.


With the PONW Marga sees a practical possibility of providing a spiritual milieu to experience and develop this sense of freedom.


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