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Levels and Learnings


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This original Heartfulness Training® Program will be a synthesis of 5 central processes,
specially designed heart techniques, life changing skills and meditative inquiry.


Heartfulness Training®

Heartfulness Training Cycle

5. Manifesting

 • Open to new challenges

 • Find your spiritual mandate

 • Dare to be seen essentially

 • Be a pioneer and model to others

 • Express spontaneous love and joy
• Live from the heart

1. Resolving

 • Finish old issues to allow heart freedom

 • Transform feelings of sadness into melting, fear into excitement and anger into strength

• Develop the art of forgiveness

• End psychological suffering

3. Sourcing

 • Use existing potential from ecology and social milieu

• Develop healing relationships

• Re-source the field of Oneness
• Learn to use spiritual intelligence


2. Preserving

 • Protect yourself by respecting personal limits

• Foster deeper Self-worth

• Become realistic about emerging possibilities

 • Maintain the sense of who you are despite varying professional and social circumstances

 • Balance emotional giving and taking

4. Enhancing

 • Discover loving presence

• Learn the importance of gratitude
• Practice courageous living

• Attune the heart for problem solving

• Evolve heart coherence through
mind-body coordination


Heartfulness Training Cycle

Path of No Way Heartfulness Training Cycle

Levels and Learnings


Transform pain, anger, grief, greed and fear


Speak from the heart, do things wholeheartedly and remain loving


Find a balance between support and healthy confrontation with friends
and clients


Accept happiness as a gift


Feel more open, peaceful
and powerful


Use your heart as a source of knowledge and consciousness at home and at work


Transform mental attention (mindfulness)   into an integrated body experience
of pervasive awareness


Discover the meaning of being heartful in daily life, especially when difficulties arise.



Only for your personal usage


Designed to deepen the experience of heartfulness in you and your ability to work with individuals and small groups.

Individual and small group counseling


Discover how to deal with greed, doubt, fear, sadness
and anger while focusing on emerging possibilities


How to use empathy to support growth and minimize resistance to becoming whole


Get the hands-on experience of helping others with the theory and practice of   heartfulness


Examine heartfulness within helping professions and organizations


Help participants find their spiritual path through focused inquiry


Deepen the systemic use of spiritual inquiry for yourself and others.


Develop or fine tune
your teaching skills in the presentation of heartfulness.


Teach heartfulness and supervise trainees in Center for Heartfulness courses


Further deepen and broaden your spiritual practice


Crystallize your unique style to present heartfulness


Create an in-depth familiarity and set of skills to inspire others to live heartfully


Improve presentation competencies through energy pedagogy that tunes into the unique learning challenges of each student


Transform psychoemosomatic elements that hinder heartfulness


Widen the use of inquiry and meditation techniques that open the heart


Maintain clear focus and learning experience even in challenging situations




Successful completion of Personal Training Seminar A+B


Experience with individuals and groups in counseling, consulting or helping professions


Application and acceptance from the Center for Heartfulness



Successful completion of practitioner level


Demonstrates the
understanding and use
of heartfulness concepts


Commitment to heartfulness
as a way of life


Professional experience in
instructing others




Completion of mandatory hours of direct instructions
(84 hours)


Completion of mandatory supervision (min 5 hours)


Path of No Way (PONW)
Retreat (5 days) or equivalent


Regular daily heartfulness practice


Complete and interact with reading assignments


Relate heartfulness to your relevant professional back-ground


Create brief presentations and reflections on heartfulness.



Completion of mandatory hours of direct instructions
(90 hours)


Completion of mandatory supervision (min. 5 hours)


Path of No Way (PONW) Retreat (5 days) or equivalent


Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of heartfulness via completion presentation


Embody a broad range of
proficiency in theory and practice of heartfulness


Demonstrate effective use
of teachering (composite experience of teaching and   learning)


Presentation of how heartfulness is integrated
into your profession or teaching field


Demonstrate participation
in a heartfulness community




Psychological and emotional stability


Per seminar



Seminar A and/or B

• 2-4 days


50% discount on repeat


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plus ind. supervision + PONW retreat



1. Heartfulness Practicum

• 84 hrs (group instruction) 14 days   € 2100

• plus min. 5 hrs ind. supervision      € 100-250/hr


2.  Path of No Way Retreat A

• 25 hrs: Dedicated Gathering (donation)  € 500+

(required for practitioners/instructors or equivalent)


Applications and confirmation will be handled
in person.



plus ind. supervision + PONW retreat



1. Heartfulness Instructor Program

• 90 hrs (group instruction) 16 days € 2900

• plus min. 5 hrs ind. supervision € 150-250/hr


2.  PONW Retreat B

• 25 hrs: Dedicated Gathering (donation)  € 500+

(required for practitioners/instructors or equivalent)


Applications and confirmation will be handled in person.



Here you will find the dates of the training seminars in various locations.


For application for the TRAINING push the "Sign Up" button and follw20e procedure on our application page.

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